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Beck Construction & Excavation Inc. 

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Beck Leadership

Garen Beck


Garen’s extensive experience spans more than 35 years in the civil construction industry. With a relentless commitment to excellence, his leadership has been instrumental in Beck Construction & Excavation’s rise to prominence, earning them a solid reputation across various regions and localities.

Traci Beck


As one of the founding members of Beck Construction & Excavation, Traci has been instrumental in shaping the company’s strategic direction and ensuring operational excellence as the Chief Administrative Officer. She is responsible for overseeing administrative operations, managing budgets, optimizing processes, and driving continuous improvement initiatives

Heather Stewart

Director of HR & Operations

Heather brings over 20 years of experience to her role as Director of HR and Operations at Beck Construction & Excavation. With expertise in human resources and operational management, Heather plays a key role in driving the company’s success. She emphasizes fostering a positive work environment, encouraging ongoing improvement, and attaining organizational objectives through her leadership

Sara Brown

Accounts Payable Specialist

Sara is an experienced Accounts Payable Specialist at Beck Construction & Excavation, adept at managing financial transactions with precision and efficiency. With a strong attention to detail, Sara ensures accurate processing of invoices, timely payments to vendors, and meticulous record-keeping. Her dedication to maintaining vendor relationships and contributing to smooth financial operations makes her a valuable asset to the company.

James Beck


With a deep understanding of construction processes, safety protocols, and project management techniques, James plays a crucial role in coordinating subcontractors, managing resources, and maintaining high-quality standards throughout each project. He is known for his ability to solve complex problems, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and deliver successful outcomes.

Corson Bastian

Estimator & Project Manager 

Corson serves as our dynamic Estimator & Project Manager, leveraging his expertise to drive project development and ensure accurate project cost estimations. With a strategic approach to cost analysis and project management, he plays a pivotal role in delivering value-added solutions and exceeding client expectations.

Jayden Oswald


Jayden brings a wealth of hands-on experience and exceptional skills to the team. He joined in spring 2017, starting as a laborer and quickly rising to his current role. Jayden’s practical knowledge and sharp mathematical abilities have been instrumental in project success and ensuring accuracy on-site. Jayden’s leadership and dedication drive team performance, delivering outstanding results.

Jace Beck


Jace brings years of industry experience and a deep-rooted passion for construction. Having grown up in the construction world, Jace would check on jobs, read plans at night, and learn the ins and outs of the industry alongside his dad. Now, as our Foreman, he leads our construction teams with expertise and dedication. Jace oversees daily operations, ensuring projects are completed safely, on time, and within budget. He is known for his strong work ethic, attention to detail, and effective communication skills, fostering a positive work environment and delivering exceptional results